We serve the best and delicious food in Town


There are no twists, no fusion, and no short-cuts at Our Restaurant, our fine dining restaurants in Delhi. We the owners and the chef hail from the best regions. And, we focus on what we truly love and do best. Authentic and completely home-made cuisine – prepared in the same way as our mothers, and the mothers of their mothers, have always done it in our home region.

Our Restaurant is famous for their pastas, noodles, sea food and much more. At our place we follow the tradition and hand-make an amazing selection of food from scratch every day, using highest quality and mostly imported ingredients. But, of course, our menu also features an extensive range of risottos, meats, fish, seafood, salads, vegetables, and some truly amazing deserts.

  • We make the best pastries. Our pastries are super soft and we add a lot of cream and fruits to it. If you like to eat sweet food items then this dish is just for you. Come to our place and enjoy the our pastries.

  • We are very good at making seafood. We add our super secret special spices to it. Most of our customer order prawns at our restaurant. You can have it as your lunch and dinner.

  • We are very good at making pasta. People love pasta, and we very well know how to serve it. Our delicious pasta will become one of your favorite food items once you have it.


One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well. Cooking is like love: It should be entered into with abandon or not at all. We serve you like we serve our family.

We make food everyday from scratch. We do not use the preserved or the stale food. We believe that health is a very much important thing, and one should eat well to live well.

We have the best chef of the town. They create amazingly tasty and healthy food everyday. They use best spices and fresh ingredients for their dish

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    I've been eating here all my life. Hands down, the best Sunday brunch for your money in the area! Restaurant owner is one of the nicest restaurant owners, I have ever met and he is up in age, 90-ish, and is still at work most days!

    Rohan Verma, New Delhi

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    Today was the 4th time I have eaten here. I have come here once for the weekend brunch, once during the week for an early lunch, and twice for late lunch. The food is consistently fresh, tasty, and competitively priced. It is becoming one of my favorite restaurants in Alexandria -- or anywhere, actually. I plan to return again soon.

    Shweta Singh, New Delhi

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    Top notch! Good old home cooked feeling. Great place for the whole family. Crowded
    means good, fresh, and worth the wait. If you liked your Mama's cooking, you're gonna like the food here.

    Ram Kumar, New Delhi